Customizing Your Shoulder Rest 

Step One:
Conduct a fitting session to take an impression of your shoulder in a comfortable position​
Step Two:
3D scan the impression 

Step Three:
Carve the impression out of rigid foam with a CNC router, and add softer foam on top to create an insert that will fit onto a shoulder rest base
​Step Four:
Glue the insert onto the base
Viva La Musica™ Diamond shoulder rest being modified*
Kun™ Super shoulder rest being modified*​​​

Benefits of a Customized Shoulder Rest

-Protection from loss:
Your unique imprint will be 3D scanned and stored, ensuring you the most precise fit that can be recreated at any time if damaged, lost, or stolen.  

-Fits your body and style precisely because it is made from a direct impression of your own shoulder. 

-Makes holding and playing the instrument easier

-Won't slide off the instrument

-Multilayered foam structure gives support, padding, and a non-slip contact with your shoulder
-Lightweight and durable
A personally fit rest offers unparalled comfort, balance, and stability, to give you the most secure performance you can achieve.

So balanced your head will spin, and the fiddle will follow

*Librio uses pre-existing commercial shoulder rest bases and modifies them with our customized inserts.  We do this to save our customers money, and because we admire many things about these products already.  Pictured above are the Kun™ Super shoulder rest and the Viva La Musica™ shoulder rest.  

Librio Customized Rests has no affiliation with either Kun™ or Vival La Musica™, and is not a retail distributor.  Each modified shoulder rest is made from a prepurchased model of our customer's choice, and they may elect to bring us either of the above models for us to modify or give us license to purchase one on their behalf with no additional fee added.  Our service is purely a modification.