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What is the Librio shoulder rest?

Librio is a service that customizes shoulder rests using a proprietary method invented by fabricator/scupltor Dr. David Mobley and developed by violinist Noah Luft-Weissberg.  

To start off, we take an impression of a violinist's shoulder during a simple fitting session.  The impression is digitized with a 3D scanner, modified with design software, and input into a CNC router which carves the shape out of high density lightweight foam.  The foam is then inserted onto a standard shoulder rest that has been stripped of its commercial foam.  

Each Librio insert is as unique as the player it is made for, and during the fitting session, co-founder and shoulder rest expert Noah Luft-Weissberg assesses the player to generate the most comfortable and effective shoulder rest possible.  
The Librio insert uses advanced lightweight materials to provide both support and comfort.  A multilayered foam structure gives the Librio rest a durable, ultra lightweight, comfortable configuration.  This structure provides both the firmness to conform to the contours of the individual violinist’s shoulder and the flexibility and softness to connect comfortably to the shoulder.  
In play, the rest balances on the shoulder precisely without requiring readjustment of the instrument or body.  The slender profile allows for excellent freedom of motion.
The process of fitting the rest to your shoulder is fast, simple, accurate, and yields a shoulder rest so comfortable and effective you won't believe you ever used anything else.  You'll never have to worry about loss or damage to your Librio insert, because your unique data will be saved electronically and can be made into a new physical rest at any time. 

What are the benefits of a customized shoulder rest?

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How much does a Librio rest cost?

Our service and production fee is currently $275, plus the cost of the rest, plus shipping unless you'd like to pick it up.

How long does it take?

The fitting session takes approximately one hour, and you an expect your shoulder rest to be ready for pickup or delivery within two weeks.
your location if travel expenses are paid.  

Where can I get a Librio rest?

​To get a rest, you need to have a fitting session done in person.  Our base of operations is New York City, but we are mobile and can come right to your location if travel expenses are paid.  

Why Make Custom Rests?

Librio Co-founder Noah Luft-Weissberg nearly quit playing violin in his twenties because of severe shoulder pain, neck pain, and technical issues.  He searched for solutions by trying every commercial shoulder rest and chin rest on the market, went to see medical specialists, and explored different violins and bows.  He was sure that technical mastery of the violin and physical comfort were intertwined, as when his setup became more stable and grounded on his shoulder, he could relax and play more freely.  

Inspired by customized chinrests that were being produced, Noah felt there ought to be even more precise equipment available.  He attempted to carve his own chinrests and 3D print them, but discovered this was far too expensive and impractical.  Noah was directed to David Mobley, who serendipitously lived up the street from his house at the time.  Dr. Mobley, a custom fabricator, took interest in the project, and the two began meeting and brainstorming ideas.  

Dr. Mobley's engineering brilliance and Noah's violin expertise eventually produced a practical customized rest.  After dozens of versions, each one experimenting and adjusting parameters slightly differently, they finally settled in their methodology.  Noah now uses version 35 almost exclusively.  He has practiced, performed, and recorded successfully with it, and is able to maintain stamina and control again after hours of playing.  

How long has it taken to develop the Librio process?

It took around 5 years to fine tune the process of making customized shoulder rests.  Like any good invention, the pile of discarded prototypes tells the story best.  Below are images of our development from beginning until end - from crude wooden lumps with holes drilled through them to more slender designs, experiments with padding, then inserts, and finally multiple models.  We at Librio are always experimenting when something new comes along to try out!

How will a Librio rest affect my playing?

Most people report that their Librio rest has opened up their playing considerably.  They feel their tone is more focused and resonante, intonation is easier, vibrato is more natural, and shifting is more fluid as well.  Many have also reported that pains they used to suffer with after playing for extended periods of time have vanished.  

Take a listen to our co-founder Noah Luft-Weissberg playing with his Librio rest!  He switches back and forth between his modified Kun™ and modified Viva La Musica™ models.